Application Procedures

  • Eligible Graduate Applicants could register at the DGESS website ( and submit their CVs and e-portfolios to the DGESS via the online platform for consideration by Employing Companies.
  • Available jobs and related information will be posted on the DGESS website from time to time, and email alerts will be sent to registered Graduates Applicants whenever new jobs are posted.
  • Each registered Graduate Applicant will be assigned a respective user password for submitting applications for their interested jobs directly through the online platform after the job information is posted.
  • Shortlisted Graduate Applicants may be invited for job interviews (if any), and employment notices will be sent directly by Employing Companies to the selected Graduate Applicants.
“Notes to Graduate Applicants”
  • Employing Companies may access to the Graduate Applicants’ CVs and e-portfolios on the online platform to select suitable candidates, who may receive requests for job interview (if any) and employment notices directly from the Employing Companies.